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Talbot Lago T23 Cabriolet

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The French Talbot company originated from Darracq. After the First War, the company started producing automobiles under the name of Talbot-Darracq, eventually becoming simply Talbot. They produced high quality road cars that were somewhat boring, but also made very successful race cars. The reputation of the race cars was not enough for them to thrive with their road cars.

Enter Anthony Lago in 1934, a young Italian entrepreneur. He set about transforming the company, and did so with great success. The Talbot-Lagos made in France during the second half of the 1930s are icons of style.

Lago went to the greatest French coachbuilding designer of the time, Figoni. Together they built the most stylish and sought after car from this period, the Talbot Teardrop. But Figoni was also responsible for the designs of the cars built in-house. Talbot-Lago factory bodied automobiles are therefore among the most desired vehicles of this period.

The Talbot-Lago we have for sale is a T23. A six cylinder four liter car with the very rare twin carburetor setup, capable of 100MPH. The in-house body designed by Figoni is extremely rare. I had never seen another similar car before Fantasy Junction advertised one very recently for 450K USD. Fantasy’s car has been fully restored, albeit not to the high American standard, but ours has not. When I sold the car to its current owner a number of years ago, it was extremely original. All the shut lines are perfect, and the wood skeleton of the body is in perfect condition. The door shut is perfect original, with no sagging.

This automobile has been regularly used for historic rallies, and as an ultimate Sunday picnic car. It has recently been re-painted and trimmed, but nevertheless retains a high degree of authenticity. The engine compartment is very clean, but very original. This is not a lawn chair for Pebble Beach, but will allow the next owner to not only enjoy the car for what it was intended, but also be accepted to all the World’s finest Concours d’Elegances.

Almost all pre-war cars with big engines are heavy to steer at low speeds. This is not an exception. But an inexpensive electric power steering unit does not compromise originality, and will transform the drivability. For those of you who wish to go a little further, a modern five speed box will not do any lasting harm.

This car is European registered and for sale for 295K Euros.

We will arrange shipping throughout the World.

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