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French Automobiles: The Height of Fashion

We have never sold fine automobiles as an investment, even if, in many cases, they have proved to be just that. We have sold them as an investment in pleasure. Over the past ten years we have stubbornly promoted the joy of owning one of these fine cars, abandoning our core business of Ferrari. It was sometimes difficult, as we witnessed other dealers cashing in on the back of investors. Investors purely interested in how much their classic car would profit them financially a few years down the road.

The cars we have sold have not simply been an investment in pleasure. They have risen slowly in value while their owners have enjoyed them. No spikes in value, nor crashes as seen in the recent Ferrari market. Use them on events, show them, walk around them in your garage in the evening, enjoying a whisky or that illicit cigarette, polish them yourself, and spend a little money keeping them on the road. Really enjoying your classic car. What could be better?

Right at the beginning of this year, we witnessed a changing market place. The real collectors are back. Buying cars for pleasure, but the pleasure of ownership, not the pleasure or dismay of tracking how much it is might be worth every month. The joy of ownership is back with a vengeance! We have a selection of thoroughbred French cars for sale that are not on our website. But we are currently selling them faster than ever before. Telephone us with your desire, and we will try to help you.

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