Le Blog: Ross Classic: Matra 630 WindTunnel Model

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Matra 630 WindTunnel Model

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The French Matra marque is largely forgotten, despite the efforts of Abba Kogan who was rightfully obsessed with these cars, acquired a majority of the production of their race cars, and delighted the historic racing public when he took them to the track.

Matra produced their own in-house 3 litre V12 engine, and this was first used in the Matra 630 in 1968. The engine eventually powered the Matra 670 to two world championships in 1973 and 1974. The sound of the high revving V12 screaming down the pit straight at Le Mans literally makes your skin prickle, and the hairs on your arms stand up.
We were involved in the sale of a number of Matra race cars that belonged to Antoine Raffaelli. Raf literally adopted the cars when they were about to be scrapped in the mid-seventies.

About fifteen years ago, he lent me the mold for the wind tunnel model of the 630. It is 1/5th scale, and is 1.5 meters long. I was allowed to make only one copy. The result was not very good, and it languished in my garage.
A few months ago, Sophie pushed me into doing something about it. I took the resin body to the creative guys in Mosta, where a chassis was built with milled aluminum wheels, and the body was properly finished and painted to an extremely high standard. The result is simply stunning!

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