Le Blog: Ross Classic: Road Test

sketch of classic talbot lago

Road Test

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This is the Ecurie France Talbot T150C. It has one of the most fabulous histories of any French race car, competing before and after the war. For a swansong, it finished second at Le Mans in 1952.

Every nut and bolt on the car is original. A few years ago the owner decided to get it running after a 12 year lay-up. We spent a couple of weeks in the evenings overhauling the brakes, carbs, etc. But you can’t just press the button, start the car and drive off after such a long time without use. The gearbox and engine have to be turned over for a mile or so without starting her up. So we towed the car up the hill before eventually turning on the ignition. And yes, she started! Followed by a wonderful blast along the deserted roads with me following on a motorbike and Felix taking pictures from the pillion. Try starting a modern race car after more than ten years without taking it completely apart.

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